Flicks on the Bricks regresa, películas gratuitas al exterior en Pioneer Square

The 2018 Festival of Flowers began in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Downtown Portland on Friday, June 1. This year’s display was designed by Walker Macy and is called oFISHially GORGEous. It’s meant to bring elements of the Columbia River Gorge into the city and encourage visitors to become immersed in the landscape. The Festival of Flowers will be on display through June 12. The material used in the design will be available to the public in the annual flower sale June 13 – 15. Photo by Amanda Butt

PORTLAND, Ore. — Si está buscando divertirse en verano, hay oportunidades para hacerlo y de manera gratuita.

De viernes a domingo, regresa la serie de películas al aire libre de Portland Flicks on the Bricks en Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Horario de la película:

Viernes, 22 de julio

7:30 p.m. Spider-Man: No Way Home

10 p.m. The Hangover

Sábado, 23 de julio

12 p.m. Encanto

2:30 p.m. The Parent Trap

5 p.m. What About Bob?

7:30 p.m. Crazy Rich Asians

10 p.m. How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Domingo, 24 de julio

12 p.m. Mama Mia

2:30 p.m. Finding Nemo

5 p.m. Roman Holiday

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